Meet Ian Dalton

Ian Dalton is the Kindle-bestselling author of the Victoria Wilde novels, which feature strong, sexy female characters — women who seize every opportunity for fun and don’t let a little thing like age stand in the way of love or passion.

Dalton brings a fresh perspective on the “erotic romance” genre — seamlessly working it to the max while poking just a little harmless fun at it along the way. His work has gained fans around the world who have proclaimed his books as “must reads,” “mind blowing,” and more.

One of Dalton’s specialties is capturing the intense desire between an older woman and a younger man who are completely crazy about one another, but are desperately trying to squash their feelings. He brilliantly explores the passionate thoughts floating around in their heads as they pine away. The result is steamy, tender, often funny writing at its best.

However, Dalton’s greatest creation is the incomparable, fan favorite Victoria Wilde. The character has emerged as a life-savoring heroine, with readers around the web asking, “What would Victoria do?” We’re not always sure but we know it will be fun!

If you enjoy romance stories with flirty banter, steamy sex, and some hilarious escapades as the guy tries to convince his love they’re meant to be, you’ll enjoy Ian Dalton’s books. You can also be alerted when the new titles are released, connect with Ian on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, or simply drop him a note.


13 thoughts on “Meet Ian Dalton

  1. I love how Ian Dalton writes his books (especially the Victoria Wilde series). He makes the characters personalities shine through and they literally have me laughing out loud! :-D BRILLIANT!

  2. I’m a book a day reader and Ian Dalton is a new to me author that I’m trying. I’ve only read the first 30 pages or so from Inappropriate Thoughts (Victoria Wilde series, Book 1) but it didn’t take any time at all for me to slip into the heroine’s role. And, when I caught myself laughing out loud (not another soul was in my woman cave) is when I knew I wanted to continue reading the book. All good signs that I could be adding another author to my already ridiculously long “favorite author” list. It’s fortunate we addicted readers can read faster than author’s write. We’re lucky to have such a banquet of choices.:)

    Oh yeah…he had me at, “…novels which feature strong, sexy female characters — women who seize every opportunity for fun and don’t let a little thing like age stand in the way of love or passion.” I’m old, cynical and young at heart so this was like offering me a piece of chocolate.

  3. I just finished with the Victoria Wilde series. I loved them, but I want more of Jim and Victoria!! Please tell you will write at least one more!!!!!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. I actually plan two more books. Book 5 and a prequel where we learn how Victoria and Jillian meet. I hope to have book 5 out late this year. If you like to be added to my mailing list to find out about new releases, please send an email to

    • Thanks Nancy. I was actually up early yesterday with some ideas about book 5 swirling around in my head. I had to write them down before I forgot. I’ll be working on this soon!

  4. Cynthia : Hi Ian!
    I start reading Ians books and just get Chocolate Covered! Love military’s stories and knowing part will be donated better waiting for a break from work to start it!

  5. My introduction to the Victoria Wilde series was splendid. Loved it! I laughed out loud throughout the book and enjoyed getting to know the characters.

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